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About Us

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What the Heck? Trending Now...
 The Whaddaheck Team is composed of creative and engaging Writing Consultants and Freelance Graphic Designers for blogs and websites.

Our Services:

Graphic Designs for Infographic Resumes, Brochures, Flyers, Banners, Tarpaulin, Book Covers, Logos, Business Cards, Newsletters, and many more using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Our Writing Services is focused on Blog Marketing and creating content Websites and Blogs.

Note: Payment is via Paypal only. 
Generally, we provide the most daring and engaging news, updates and information about everything that is trending in the online space. This site focuses on making a "Collaborative Approach" between readers and web surfers to be informed and let them share things that are currently trending or surely is a "Hot Topic" now and for years to come.

What the Heck?  Trending Now...focuses on Celebrity Gossips | Human Interest | Music News | Top Ten Male Sexiest Pictures | Top Ten Female Celebrity Pictures | Business | Technology | Current News | TV | Health | Products | Real Estate | Social Media | Tips and Strategies | How To's | Words Decoded | Top Listings | Feature Articles | Career Listings

What the Heck? - is a commonly used expression when people are shocked or simply astounded at a certain moment; it is also used when people express that they do not care but in fact do mind or care about things.


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What the Heck? Trending Now...

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