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TOP 5 Residential CONDO's in the Philippines

TOP 5 Residential CONDOs in the Philippines

You might as well contact your real estate agent now and buy your own condo units after checking this Top 5 residential condominiums in the Philippines. 

Based on recent survey, this soon to be residential places are projected to change the landscape of the Philippine Real Estate in terms of its design, structure, amenities and more. Mostly buyers of this towering condominiums are Expats and Foreigners particularly investors from the US, UK, Japan, Korea, Australia and Singapore countries and yes, Foreigners can acquire condo units in the Philippines. 

Note that some of these condominiums are "Pre-Selling" so it is best if you purchase your very own unit now...:)

Let's start the ball rolling and see what's your best choice.

Ironically, the first top three properties are from one property management company, Century Properties Group as they hold the finest and most international-themed designs for their projects that foreigners just love to put their money into and invest.

TOP 1 - THE TRUMP TOWER MANILA By Century Properties Group
Located in Century City, Makati, Philippines

For inquiries, assistance and/or reservation, - You may contact Mr. Prince Teodore Javar at 0933.375.8186 or email at

TOP 2 -  AZURE Urban Resort Residences By Century Properties Group
Located in Paranaque City, Bicutan, Philippines

The Azure is expected to have 9 buildings that seek to set a new benchmark for 21st century tropical living.

Designed by the award-winning masterplanning and architectural firm Broadway Malyan, each tower is set in a breathtaking tropical modern aesthetic that provides optimal natural ventilation, light, and shade.

A kidney bean-shaped clubhouse complements an organically formed lustrous landscape that capitalizes on the uniqueness of an artificial beach. This in turn asserts a sense of identity and legibility to the different character areas within the 6-hectare site.

For inquiries, assistance and/or reservation, - You may contact Mr. Prince Teodore Javar at 0933.375.8186 or email at

TOP 3 -  ACQUA Private Residences by Century Properties Group
Located in Mandaluyong right Across Rockwell, Philippines 

Acqua Private Residences is a 6-tower riverside high-rise masterplanned residential development in Mandaluyong City which will offer affordable stylish condominium units accessible to major Central Business Districts. 

Acqua Private Residences is inspired by water, which is expressed in the building design and amenities. It is intended to be a self-contained development and a “residential eden”. Unlike any other project that has come before it, Acqua’s masterplan allots twice the size of its land area to open space, amenities and greenery, spread throughout the buildings, roof gardens and amenity areas. Conceptualized by Century Properties with the London-based award-winning design firm Broadway Malyan, its unique riverside location provides a picture of how its surrounding environs will be revitalized in the coming years.

For inquiries, assistance and/or reservation, - You may contact Mr. Prince Teodore Javar at  0933.375.8186 or email at

TOP 4 -  ADMIRAL Baysuites by Anchorland Holdings

Anchor Land has acquired the historic Admiral Hotel from the Lopez-Araneta family, a move that forms part of its planned investment in Manila’s famous bayfront.

The company plans to renovate the original hotel building, which was completed in 1939 and served as important social destination during the pre-World War II era, into a 5-star boutique hotel. An upscale twin tower condominium will rise on the adjacent property.

For inquiries, assistance and/or reservation, - You may contact Ms. Alegria Shimid at

TOP 5 -  SERENDRA by Ayala Land
Located at the The Fort Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

Situated within the 12-hectare garden condominium development of Serendra in the emerging business district of Bonifacio Global City, One Serendra offers a unique living proposition: a gracious suburban lifestyle within the conveniences of the city.

For inquiries, assistance and/or reservation, - You may contact Mr. Karim Zaragosa at 0922.209.3554 or email at



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  1. Such Philippines condos blogs are very difficult to locate and I appreciate this blog for having bulk of useful information on the topic.

    1. Thank you for the comment. We made this article specifically for this reason.

      You can be an accredited seller here in the Philippines if you choose to...I can recommend someone to assist you, just let me know...

      Whaddaheck Team

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Gramercy, Century Properties, Home Owners Survey

      Here were the most common complaints from the survey results and what I think Century should do:
      #1: Customer Service
      According to owners: communication is poor, slow, unresponsive, "they don't even reply," "they avoid calls and emails," "they need to be more efficient handling concerns," etc.
      I think Century should: replace all inefficient employees, notably in the PMO, turnover group, leasing office, resale office, accounting office, engineering, security, and IT. Implement a more efficient system to manage calls, emails, and tasks.
      #2. Misrepresentation
      According to owners: many broken promises, they felt misled or scammed, "bait and switch," promised turnover date not delivered, actual unit different from ads and brochures, purchased 1 bedroom unit but received a studio, promised furniture not delivered, etc.
      I think Century should: fulfill promises or compensate owners if they cannot.
      #3. Poor Materials and Workmanship
      According to owners: poor quality finishings and furnishings, poor workmanship, lots of problems with furniture and appliances, problems with flooring, faulty water heaters, engineering slow to make repairs, etc.
      I think Century should: replace defective flooring, appliances, and furniture. Re-train or re-hire engineering staff to ensure quicker and better quality repairs.
      #4. Restrictive Building Policies
      According to owners: want the option of not leasing with the leasing office, upset about the "screening and checking of non-owner short term residents," "excessive rules where no rules are called for," owners disappointed with their investment, etc.
      I think Century should: allow owners to rent out their units on their own to maximize investment opportunities but regulate the process to minimize problems with security, image, etc.
      #5. Association Dues
      According to owners: still too high, "too many fees," "hidden costs," concern about commercial units not paying their fees, "there needs to be transparency," etc.
      I think Century should: release financial statement to unit owners for us to audit. Lower the rate from P110 per square meter if it cannot be justified.
      There were many more complaints (over 100) but these were the most common.
      I'll be sending this list as well as the survey results to Century's Customer Service Group.


    5. Century Properties, Gramercy Unit Owners, Complaints Ignored by Gramercy Property Management Operation...

      Dear Century Properties,

      Please address our complaints. We know that your company accomplished a feat in constructing and managing a great number of units (especially in the tallest building in the Philippines). We know no developer is perfect but we believe that your miscellaneous fees (we weren't given options on our TV/Internet subscription and many are not residing in their respective units) and association dues as well as parking fees are involuntary, exorbitant, unfair and unjust. When we tried to ask the rationale of added subscription fees, your DCG department based CTS Section 12(d) stating that – "BUYER hereby agrees to reimburse the SELLER for all expenses incurred by the SELLER such as but not limited to insurance premiums, fees, deposits and charges for installation of connections of the Unit’s electric and water meters, telephone line, cable TV/internet and its pro rata share in the assessments for common expenses including but not limited to expenses for maintenance, common electrical and water consumption, security, administration and janitorial services, unpaid association dues, which are payable and outstanding or which the SELLER may have advanced at anytime prior to the turnover of the Unit.” The statement is by itself vague, indirect and secondary and was proven to be contrary to the interests of residents. The primary responsibility of having such added facilities on the contrary, will shy away prospective buyers or tenants. Giving us an option to practically choose promotes transparency, healthy and open competition among providers and is in the customers who are the backbone of Century Properties. Please furnish a copy of your "exclusivity contract" with PLDT for our perusal. We as residents are requesting the company to mandate other telcos access in our facility to service our telecommunications and multimedia needs and refuse services that are uncalled for. Our ROI also fell short from our projections. Your level of services do not measure up to our expectations and as promised and advertised. We feel the overall value of the end product has been compromised and that we aren't getting our money's worth. With questionable and ridiculous new policies, it seems that we do not feel entitled to Page 1 of 7Page 2 of 7the privileges that owners ought to enjoy. You mentioned in your corporate values that "communicating to the customer, and between groups, is encouraged" and that open communication lines lead to better relations and ultimately, to excellent performance. We hope you listen to us. "Cut waste Relentlesslessly" is also mentioned. Unwanted and unused landline/broadband/cable subscription is a form of waste. Our Meralco deposit should be refunded to us wherever necessary. Please provide a satisfactory explanation with regards to our demands and make corrections whenever necessary to improve the customer experience and remedy our legitimate grievances. P.S. We are not here to discredit the company. We are here to help you improve your product quality and customer service through dialogue and we hope you deliver through tangible action as talk alone is cheap. Yes, some provisions we are stating here may in fact be perfectly legal but please make it to the point that they are just and beneficial to your dear customers. We are requesting a meeting for dialogue. Page 2 of 7Page 3 of 7Mga Komento Pangalan Lokasyon Petsa Comment Cristopher Pagacita Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 2013-12-04 I want a just return of investment for my Gramercy Unit. Ronaldo Barroga London, United Kingdom 2013-12-04 The unit lay out bought was not delivered Tony Chen Manila, Philippines 2013-12-04 I was duped and deceived by Century Properties with regards to the concerns and problems shown here.

    6. Century Properties, Gramercy Unit Owners, Complaints Ignored by Gramercy Property Management Operation...


      Ken Chang Singapore, Malaysia 2013-12-04 To stop Century Property keep lying to clients. Especially people like us. A foreigner. Kenny Chen Manila, Philippines 2013-12-04 I wasted my life's savings due to coercive and deceptive sales tactics of Century. Too expensive. Too good to be true promises. Poor construction quality. Expensive add-on charges. Bait and switch. Rex Bayliss Western Australa, Philippines 2013-12-04 I have had a lot of issues with Century Properties and ny grievences are ignored. Manoj Dhamwani Makati City, Philippines 2013-12-04 Century is the worst company I have ever dealt with. I would sell my unit even at a loss to get some money back. 6 and a half years until turnover, unit size decreased at last minute, terrible client support, most expensive dues, bogus charges, mandatory internet and cable subscription with no freedom to choose, low quality products use. seriously century, your door knobs cost 300 pesos retain at the hardware, and your unit numbers are made out of cardboard! CARDBOARD FOR CHRIST SAKE! the public and media need to be made aware and this BS company needs to be exposed. Specially sending letters to their celebrity endorsers. Bonifacio Wagan Henderson, NV 2013-12-04 There are some issues in the unit that was reported for immediate attention but was never taken cared. dierk seckel Germany 2013-12-04 feeling tricked and scamed! unhappy buyer! will never buy any century project! maria sayson belleville, NJ 2013-12-04 Poor construction quality. Unhappy buyer paul carton Gramercy residences, Philippines 2013-12-04 There is a smell in my unit from the sink unit that Gramercy haven't fixed or allowed outside plumbers to look at. The standard of the public areas and concierge service is high, and I support the condo fees to maintain this, but only if there is proper accounting and accountability which, I feel, can be best achieved with a condo board elected by residents and published accounts. Yoly Lim Montebello, CA 2013-12-04 We were forced to pay for a PLDT bundle of Internet ,cable and Phone by turnover, we were not offered any options. On my contract , I paid for a one bedroom unit, came in on turnover and it it is large studio, NO bedroom, I had communicated with the PMO since November for a partition to the unit for privacy, until now, I still am waiting for the resolution to the problem.

    7. Century Properties, Gramercy Unit Owners, Complaints Ignored by Gramercy Property Management Operation...


      Nestor Enriquez London, United Kingdom 2013-12-04 I complained about the window that had a very big scratch and the floor that was not even in between the bedroom and the lounge. They have not done anything since the turnover on March 2013. I felt being betraye and fooled by the Antonios. KARL THOMAS london, United Kingdom 2013-12-04 the unit layout and design was not delivered. Century property said they changed the design, but did not notify us . Loretta Camacho London, United Kingdom 2013-12-04 Same as your concerns.. Don't seem to benefit from what we are billed for.. Page 3 of 7Page 4 of 7Pangalan Lokasyon Petsa Comment Enrico Trajano Makati City, CA 2013-12-04 The unit layout and design that was agreed on was not delivered and most of the above concern have similar experience on my units in Gramercy and SOMA maria alfabeto american canyon, CA 2013-12-04 association dues way too high. nothing has done to fix my floorings since turnover last january 2013. false ads on the fully furnished designs. free tv is so small. i am not happy of the furnished because of poor quality. eugene djinn dubai, United Arab Emirates 2013-12-04 Really, really disappointed. The lobby and amenities are ok but when it comes to the unit themselves, I'm just too disgusted to explain further. ElizabethH Price Glen Allen, VA 2013-12-05 I lived in a well developed community with lots of amenities and also by the golf course and 5 minutes away from the high end mall ...our association is only $63.00 a month. Century is charging us almost $200.00 a month. (That's almost 1 month salary of a typical Filipino employee in the Phils.) .This is so ridiculous...and I am not even using it. ALLAN BYRON Lafayette,, CA 2013-12-05 The fees are exorbitant. we should have the option not to have land Lines, because, everybody have cell phones, and nobody uses land lines anymore. We should also have the option to discontinue some services we dont use, like electricity, internet etc. Some of us owners live abroad, and only stays in unit couple of months a year.

    8. Century Properties, Gramercy Unit Owners, Complaints Ignored by Gramercy Property Management Operation...


      Emilio Jesus Madina Manila, Philippines 2013-12-05 I live here and can see the problems daily Ley Centeno wanchai, AL 2013-12-05 The lay out of Azure Rio West was not delivered. The overall circulation of our unit has been ruined because of a big column in the middle of our dinning area, we were forced to pay huge Miscellenous fees that are questionable, processing of our overpayment is taking too long. CPG staff said they will give the refund once the transfer of title is release which will take around 10 months to 1 year. Rafaelito Dizon North York, Canada 2013-12-05 My complaint here are all the same as the complaint of all the Gramercy Resident against Century Properties. I hope we succeed on this petition. Cyril Enrique Japan 2013-12-05 Unit quality is way below what I expected for a "high-end" property. Dealing with EACH AND EVERY customer-facing group is always a pain, absolute lack of professionalism. The only way to get some traction from them is to threaten escalation to their management. No flexibility when it comes to contractors that can be hired to work on my unit. Way too expensive association fees (especially irritating when you see that the movies available at the Director's Club are stuff downloaded off of the internet). Mandatory payment of multi- media package immediately after turnover even if there's no one there to use it yet. At least give us the option WHEN to install it so we don't waste money. Better yet, give us the option to have the package or not. The only highlights are the fancy ammenities in the common areas but the irony is I am not even in the country to enjoy them. Over-all, I am not happy with the end product and would not recommend any Century property to anyone. Ricky Yu ParaƱaque City, Philippines 2013-12-05 Ridiculous fees for inferior service and quality jacquilyn pascual Pasig Century City Mall, Philippines 2013-12-05 not agree with the mandatory telephone and internet subscription rosemarie zarzuela Hamilton, Canada 2013-12-05 Their ad says "what you see is what you get", eg. even the oriental vases on the picture in the azure design, but none of those are there when the unit was turnover to us. This is just one of those minor complaints I could think of. There are other defects that we had complained when we were there but were not followed by them even. Too bad e only had 2 weeks to stay..


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  6. Really an interesting site here. They are really great properties to see and to have. I hope that everything would actually work out well in this one. Hope all is well with this one.

  7. Wow! This is really amazing I am very impressed to see those beautiful condos. How I wish I can have one unit on them but it is impossible. I think I will work hard and save money so that I can invest there. It is so fun to visit your blog. Thanks for posting them.

  8. They are lovely with good surroundings. Thanks for sharing them here

  9. These are good choices! What's nice about condos nowadays is that they try to make themed properties. Resort type condos are a big hit specially in a tropical country like the Philippines.

  10. Wow, such a nice condos! Lots of foreign people are visiting Philippines and stay in one of the most beautiful condo within Philippines.

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  11. I think one of the soon to be best condos in Philippines in the Kasara urban resort residences. I already both 2 pre sold condos and it was developed by empire east who also built xavier hills ( where I previously lived ) I cant wait till it gets turned over on 2016 :D

    1. I think you meant to link us to

    2. Good day! Avail of DMCI Homes Rent to Own Payment Scheme for Ready for Occupancy Condo units and also Flexible payment terms for Preselling Condo units in Metro Manila. Let us know your preferred location so we can assist you in finding a RESORT STYLE affordable condo that's known for its Quality Workmanship. We also have an upcoming project in Baguio to those looking for a vacation home. Inquire now at 0917-827-7468; 0922-858-14-89; and 290-47-42. You may also visit our website:

  12. Been reading this site for awhile now, always has really good posts and topics please keep it up! loads of blogs are going under lately from lack of new posts etc

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  22. Amaia Steps is one of the hottest-selling condominium projects of Ayala Land recently. It's worth checking. Find them here:

  23. Colliers report that majority of buyers right now are from abroad.

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    b. Tivoli Gardens is on the other side of Pasifg River but is in Makati Avenue Extension (right across Makati)
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