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Information Graphics or short for "Infographic" is the newest trending term used in creating your resumes nowadays. And this is what they call, "Infographic Resumes". Although some question the effective results in using this type of resumes when applying for jobs and a lot still opt to choose the traditional way of a plain old text resume style. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but allow us to say that "Infographic Resume" will be the next "BIG THING" in the employment world.

Why? Infographic Resumes are considered visually appealing, cool, eye-catching and an added flavor to your professional image. It is an indication that you are up-to-date and is abreast with the current advances in trends and technology per se. Designs can vary from being professionally looking to artistic - basically depending on your choice of style.

Imagine your profile to be like this - 5 years in IT, 7 Years in Investment Banking, 3 years in Business Consulting, and 4 years in various Management roles, how can you clearly explain that to potential employers without having too much text on your resume??? 

In this era where the job market is pretty competitive and companies leverage on social media as one of their newest tools in sourcing and/or finding that right-fit candidate for their organization.  It is important to be on top of your game and find ways to get notice immediately and stand-out among the rest. Based on recent surveys, most Fortune 500 companies are still not use to the idea but almost 100% of them are curious about it. So, if companies are curious, it only means that the demand for infographic resumes is projected to rise exponentially.

Let us create your first Infographic Resume now. Our Graphic Artists will create a customized design specifically just for you. Your Choice, Your Style! Email Us at to avail our promo of $99.00 USD for first time Infographic Resume Users. 

Contact us at to avail our promo of $99.00 USD for first time Infographic Resume Users. Our freelance designers will be available to assist you.

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  1. Great Job on my infographic resumes. Paid in full and the graphic artist was really impressive.


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