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Zac Efron Drops a Condom at a Movie Premier

 Zac Efron Drops a Condom at a Movie Premier

What the Heck?...

The Ex-Highschool Musical Star drops a contraceptive, "Condom", in his own movie premier, "The Lorax".
It was awkward moment for Zac as he drops and picks up the so called thing while cameras are all over the place. He then smirked right after which made everything so obvious for cameras to see.

He had an interview with "The Today Show" courtesy of Mr. Matt Lauer who made Mr. Efron blush when he brought up the condom dropping incident. Zac handled it like a grown up and instead of making a fuzz about it, he just laugh it off...LOL!

Two thumbs up for you Zac!

We love you still...though next time, things that are private must stay as private...LOL!

Watch the videos below and better share it...once again...LOL!



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