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Beyonce's Public Breastfeeding to Baby Blue Ivy

Beyonce's Public Breastfeeding to Baby Blue Ivy

Beyonce aka "The Proud Mama" was caught breastfeeding with her first child, "Blue Ivy" anytime, anywhere.

For two consecutive days, the diva was strolling her precious baby daughter Blue Ivy around Manhattan. It was the first time Beyonce was seen publicly with Blue Ivy after they released a series of intimate photos in Blue Ivy's Tumblr website.  Instead of selling the photos and earn millions from it, the couple distributed fairly and freely across the internet.

Beyonce is one heck of a mother!

Imagine, breastfeeding your daughter in public. Who does that? Two Thumbs up Ms. Beyonce!

See Pictures below:

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  1. I breastfeed in public all the time nothing wrong with it keep on feeding ya baby the best milk out there beyonce.fuck the critics

  2. Me too...I agree...go girl!

  3. just as long as it is obscene and offending to others, i don't mind...:)

    The Prince

  4. OOPPPPSS...

    Just as long as its not offending and obscene to others, I mean...:)


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