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When you LOSE the ONE you LOVE?

When you LOSE the ONE you LOVE?

Have you experience  losing someone you love?

It is quite difficult to write something when you are emotionally involved with the topic. So bear with me , please.

Sometimes, when I'm alone, I ask myself why people have to go and leave us, why people die all the time, why him or why her? I keep asking WHY? but up until now, I have not found or even discovered an answer to this question. 

I guess things really do happen for a reason, maybe it  be "Karma" or one of those what they call "Ironies of Life".

It is hard to lose someone you love, period. I cannot even describe or even put into words that feeling of disappointment, lost, misery or heartache (depends on whatever you want to call it) every time I remember those days. Sometimes I think people seems to relate and understand what your going through but in reality they don't. As friends, all they can do is just be there for you to listen and be a shoulder to lean on when times like this happen.

If your someone who has already experience losing someone, a friend, a loved one, a family member, etc. , please tell me why? why did you think it happen? or if you have not found any answer yet, at least give it a try for me please.

Losing someone you love and care about is like losing something of value to you (for some it is priceless), something that is close to your heart or has  a sentimental value.

All you have are the memories. His/Her things, pictures, clothes, letters, messages, etc. and you cannot even help but to reminisce and remember those simple and happy days of being together that has touched your life in so many ways. I believe even if we say we have move on, that pain has inked a mark in our hearts. The traces of that heartache has deviously found a place in our hearts.

We try our best to live each day, breathe and try to embrace the future, not because we want to forget but because it is just the way it is (Life sucks as some would say). Though, I don't like saying this, but in life there are guarantees, and that I know that this is a fact.

Still, you miss that person and wonder why things had to happen. I have kept on asking why and why but no answer was ever present. Personally, I think I will never stop asking because that's my way of still appreciating life as it is.

I personally love this song because it still breaks my heart to wake up each day and realize I will not be able to see you anymore (At least in this world, I guess).

You will always have a place in my heart :)



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