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The Truth About Cockroaches (EEEWWW!!!)

The Truth About Cockroaches 

If you choose to read this article, it just simply means your scared of cockroaches especially when they fly out of nowhere or crawl into you. EWWW! I personally do not like this insect. I cannot stand their smell and to even look at them. I do admit that it bugs the hell out of me.

I find very limited details about cockroaches on the internet. Mostly, information about this little eeeky creatures are focused on how to exterminate them but I believe it is also important to know more about this roaches in order to find creative ways to really get rid of them ( or at least lessen their number).

Fact 1: Cockroaches have been around for more than 300 million years. They are everywhere and very much live and procreate on tight places for protection.

Fact 2: Roaches eat their own dead without even shedding any tears.

Fact 3: Bowel of roaches are nutrients to soil which helps any plants grow. 

Fact 4: Roaches can survive for two weeks without water.

Fact 5: One single egg can produce 30+ roaches since they reproduce at fast rate. If you see an egg, get rid of it immediately.

Fact 6: Roaches live to eat and then breed. Better make sure your food are protected always especially in their favorite hotspot, "kitchen".

Fact 7:  A cockroach can still live for at least a week without its head. So better, kill it with precision.

Fact 8: They contaminate our food by leaving their shredded skins which contains bacteria and germs.

Fact 9:  Roaches can run up to 3 miles per hour.

Fact 10: Roaches like dirty places.

Getting to know more about your household enemy pays a lot. It gives you preventive measures in ensuring that your ways of getting rid of them will be as effective as you hope to be. Of course, do not expect to 100% kill all roaches at once. If you would want to, better call a really good exterminator.


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