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GLEE's New Tribute to Whitney Houston (FULL SHOW)

GLEE's New Tribute to Whitney Houston (FULL SHOW)

 Glee is planning to do a full-tribute show for the late Superstar and Icon, Whitney Houston. OMG!

A promising and exciting news to all fans out there. Compared to the Madonna and Michael Jackson tribute episodes, the Whitney tribute will primarily be focus on the seniors journey as they begin to say goodbye to the Glee club.

Whitney's songs has been around for decades and taking huge songs like this for Glee is something to really look forward to. I wonder how Glee's version will sound? 


Lea Michele recently tweeted the about the upcoming episode: 
Starting a new episode today. A very special tribute to one of the worlds most amazing singers. Very excited about this one.
Better watch out...

Gleeks and Whitney Fans...

This is going to be really good!

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