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TOP 5 Things to Maintain a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

TOP 5 Things to Maintain a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Everyday, every hour, every minute, or every second, someone's family member or a friend dies...

A fact proven by a study of the World Health Organization (WHO) across the globe recently...

We say that "Health is Wealth", but is it still applicable nowadays where people are more conscious on what gadgets they have rather than really spend time creating a healthy lifestyle?. I guess if your someone who lost somebody because of a disease whether cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc., you of all people would understand that being health conscious indeed plays an important role in our lives.

I am no genius nor carries a medical-related background but a normal person can and will still be able to live a healthy life just by doing simple and common things that ensures a healthy life. In fact, these five important things are already in your lifestyle but your just to busy to focus on really making this things a habit.

So Here's my Five Important Things everyone must remember to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

1. Water is Life - Drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day keeps your body hydrated. It also manages the temperature of your body similar to a car that overheats. I personally drink more than 10 glasses of water everyday (don't ask me why?) because I believe that drinking enough water per day reduces stress and of course cleanses our body.

2. Sleep like a Baby - People on an average rarely gets 8-10 hours of sleep per day. Remember that the more you get old, the more sleep deprived you become. I guess when you're older, you think too much already that even when you're about to sleep, you think about a lot of things. The only solution to this dilemma is to refocus your thoughts on your accomplishments for that day. There's a difference when you feel accomplished than feel sad and inadequate. It makes you more relax which tends to unstressed your brain muscles leading to a sound sleep experience. If you usually don't get enough sleep, try your best to take "Power naps" during the day (It helps too).

3. Vitamins help -  Ensure to always feed your body with good vitamins and minerals which can help your body fight against external bacteria and viruses. I personally would recommend, Vitamin C and Vitamin E everyday since these vitamins strengthens our immune system and regulates a healthy heart (I take them everyday).

4. Hygiene Rocks - If you smell and look good, you feel good. (plus that fact that people will always notice you). Feeling good obviously means you're not stressed out. Take a bath 2-3 times a day (as necessary) to remove all those germs and bacteria you acquired from the outside world. It is always a good feeling when you feel refresh at the comforts of your home.

5. Lose that Baby Fats - When you sweat, you releases excess body water and toxins. So, always make sure to at least do an exercise 1-2 hours a day. You can also do house chores that require physical movement. Losing those baby fats or maybe turning them into real muscle is much healthier that being fat at all.

There are still a lot of ways to keep a healthy lifestyle, some of which I did not mention. Still, it would always be a case to case basis however I believe that the things I have already mentioned are some of the basics. It would be up to you if you would apply it. 

Just remember that consistency in your implementation is one of the key. 

Keep doing it and it will turn out to be good habits in the end.

Love your life...Love your body! We only have ONE!


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