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American Idol Finalist Jermaine Jones BOOTED OUT!

American Idol Finalist Jermaine Jones BOOTED OUT!

Goodbye to American Idol's "Gentle Giant" Jermaine Jones!
The American Idol contestant was booted out or should I say dismissed from the show after when producers were informed that Mr. Jones had a criminal record. Last year, Jones was arrested twice (2) on being involved on acts of violence and still has an outstanding warrant.
What the Heck? Is this happening again?
Apparently, the AI contestant announced this issue over his official American Idol Twitter feed which was deleted after a few hours.

Jermaine Jones lied about his criminal history which is quite alarming for the show itself. He also lied about his relationship with Father and also uses fake names during his arrests. This is really unexpected for someone who exudes a pleasing personality on TV. He even showed emotions and (real???) tears during his earlier shows with American Idol.
One man down for American Idol? What will be the next move of the show?
Common sense states that background investigation must be practiced to all contestants as this already happened before. Note that these contestants are seen on TV worldwide and I believe in somewhat ways they can or will influence people directly especially teenagers.
Still, I do hope Jermaine Jones can still revive his singing career and clear his name relating to his charges.
Lets just see what will happen next?

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