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Celebrating Life is about YOU, ME, and US moving forward...and through the coming together of many minds and hearts believing that a change for the better is the only way to go, then this calls for a celebration, for all the people to be in the same state and phase at the same time, rejoicing in one common goal – celebrating life and what we can do together to preserve it, enjoy it and share it with love. This is why we need to celebrate life.

Celebration of life is a triumphant expression of one’s achievement, feelings and dreams. In celebrating, we are reminded to appreciate everything that we have in our lives. That there is a need for us to embrace everything that is happening now for tomorrow is another day and though the possibility that we could lose everything tomorrow, we must realize that at least we have today, now, right this very minute. 

That we have what so many have been denied, we have it right now – our precious life and that we should rejoice celebrate.

Do not wait for tomorrow for it may not come. Bask in the glory of today for it is truly precious and priceless. In rejoicing, we also reach out to help a brother to have today and possibly tomorrow as well - what greater good could there be as love for our brothers is what God, our father has taught us and repeatedly reminded us to do.

So, be thankful, continue to believe, accept, take whatever life gives you, the precious time you are giving and the love you share through any forms and means is possibly another person’s lifeline, another man’s hope – a truly God inspired gesture. 


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