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ALTERNATIVE JOBS for Nurses & Medical-Related Graduates

 ALTERNATIVE JOBS for Nurses & Medical-Related Graduates

Here are some alternative jobs for nursing graduates, current nurses who want to make a career shift, or even those who are not nurses but have taken a medical related course in college. Also, if you did not pass the board exam and does not plan to take it again, this also may apply to you.

Feel free to share this to your friends, family members, classmates who are having a hard time getting the job they want. 

Its about time to open up  and explore OTHER options!

 1. Call Center Representative -  A lot of call center for the past years have opened their doors to medical graduates due to an increase of clients who outsource their medical accounts/campaigns. You will be lucky if you will be hired and be assigned to a medical related account. Adjustment will be much easier compared to a non-medical graduate.

2. Medical Transcriptionist - This job is basically focus on listening to voice-recorded reports of health professionals and converting them into text format. A nurse or someone who has a medical background would best fit this post as familiarity with the language is a definite advantage.

3. Legal Nurse Consultant - If you enough years of nursing practice and confident with your knowledge and expertise, this job is for you. A legal nurse consultant works with lawyers on medical cases. The job entails reviewing medical records and offering advise to the lawyer based on your experience and knowledge. Law firms hire this consultant either for full-time or part-time basis. They pay way better than working in a hospital.

4. Medical Representative - If you like meeting new people and loves to talk to them, then being a medical representative career might for you. A lot of pharmaceutical firms prefers to hire someone who has a medical background with an excellent outgoing personality since the job will be selling medical supplies and products to clients (mainly doctors).

5. Clinical Research Consultant - Pharmaceutical companies and Research firms are most likely to conduct clinical research. Someone with a medical background would have a basic understanding of research topics and could help in many areas of research study.

6. Medical Writer - Medical related companies are hiring Medical Writers to create articles, newsletters, blogs, case study reports (CSR), research protocols, etc.for the benefit of their firm whether for new products, promotion or even research advancement. This can also be a part-time job.

7. Nursing Tutor - This job requires you to have great connection within the nursing field. The nursing board exam is becoming for difficult year by year. Some reviewers tend to hire a tutor before or even after they attended a review center. You might find creative ways to help them be on track and up to date prior the examination date. You can do this on a freelance basis especially on lower batches. Make sure you have enough credentials and of course you passed the board exam. 

I hope this article opened up more option for you. Just because they are not hiring you in the hospitals does not mean you will not have any jobs at all.

Do not fret! 

Still, it is up to you if you would want take advantage of these opportunities

The internet is a great source of jobs all over the world. You can even sign up with JobsDB and Jobstreet as an additional help.

If you have friends or former classmates whose still unemployed. Please share this to them. 


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