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AMERICAN IDOL's FINALE Predictions (Season 11)

AMERICAN IDOL's FINALE Predictions (Season 11)

It was indeed a stellar night as American Idol Top 7 Finalists had last night.

The contestants have showed off their full force with each of their performances following the NOW and THEN theme songs for this week. Some finalists chose songs which seems perfect for them and the others did less good. It is quite difficult to pinpoint who will be eliminated tomorrow night since every one is obviously pushing themselves to win this coveted title of becoming the next American Idol Winner of Season 11.

A lot of buzz has been trending online on who will compete head to head in the finale. 

Who do you think will be the Top 2 Finalists?

Let's try to make up something (kinda like options) which I think will be a good TOP 2 pairing and in return make the producers of the AI show really happy because of good viewership.

Pairing 1:

Colton Dixon and Phillips Phillips - Both have solid fan base especially those teenage girls who just love them so much. Phillips was in the zone last night and he seemed a bit more relaxed and made excellent song choices while Colton made every one GAGA over his rendition of Bad Romance. I can't grasp what kind of finale theme they can have for these two? Hmmm...Hmmm...Hmmm...:)

Pairing 2:

Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez - These two girls are both artists in their own right. Hollie is predicted to win this year despite her inconsistencies and poor stage presence but last night I believe is the start of her come back (hopefully). Jessica Sanchez made a huge impact as well after receiving the lowest votes last week. Although, she needs to show more emotions and establish that so called connection with the audience. Possible finale theme for them would be two young power-belters competing to be the next BIG DIVA of this generation. 

Pairing 3:

Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez - Joshua is one the best voices in this competition but he needs to stop over-singing songs each week. He needs to find his way of showing more emotions yet not leaving his trademark style of singing. Jessica needs to sing a mellow song next week if she stays in the competition since she has been belting it out every week. Possible theme for this two would be two soulful powerhouse singers belting it out to win (kinda similar to battle rounds in THE VOICE).

The other singers are just additional flavors in the show but I don't think they'll win. My prediction of who will win this competition this year is only composed of Colton, Joshua, Phillips, Hollie and Jessica? Any bets?

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  2. its going to be joshua and jessica, or skylar and phillip, or jessica and phillip, hollie i dont think has a chance.. i hope she does because she is my favorite...

  3. hollie and skylar are my favorites and I think they should be in the finale unfortunately everybody else in the world is obbsessed with Joshua Jessica and PP I really have to admit I don't get it

    I am rooting for you hollie! Skylar you too! You can do it!!

  4. I'll go for Jessica and Joshua!!! But for me, Jessica deserves this years title...


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