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Starbucks Launches Coffeemaker, VERISMO!

Starbucks Launches Coffeemaker, VERISMO!

Good news to all coffee fanatics and of course to the Starbucks Bank account ...:)

Starbucks will release its own one-cup home coffee maker called, "Verismo" and will be available this Fall. This will go on sale online and even on selected retail stores including at some SB Stores.

Bringing quality coffee and espresso to its customers right at the convenience of their homes, this will be an epic move since Starbucks has been at the forefront of the coffee retail industry worldwide. 

The coffeemaker, Verismo will help customers recreate their favorite Starbucks drinks at home or even at the office since it is design to make espresso drinks and not just your daily dose of coffee.

Imagine becoming your very own Barista! Nice!

Officially, there is no announcement yet made regarding pricing, so lets just wait and see Starbucks next announcement. Aren't you excited? LOL!

Still curious, check out Verismo’s official web page to follow up on the latest news. 


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