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Sarah G. and John Lloyd NEW MOVIE ISSUES?

Sarah G. and John Lloyd NEW MOVIE ISSUES?


Indeed, everyone is so looking forward for the the 3rd movie of the Biggest Kapamilya Stars, Sarah Geronimo and John Llyod Cruz, but is the AshRald camp really not happy about this?

Claims that they will not be supporting this new movie is spreading out or will this be a case to case basis. Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz new movie title is “It Takes a Man and a Woman”.  The new movie is set to be shown late this year and is apparently being bombarded with lots of rumor and gossip.

The movie is set to showcase some rumored daring love scenes between the two Kapamilya stars. If this is true, I wonder how will this affect the pending love affair of Gerald Anderson and Sarah Geronimo given that Gerald recently admitted that he is indeed courting Sarah G. and is serious about pursuing the actress. 

Also, is the Ashrald fans ready to see their golden girl in a sexy scene and last but not the least, Is Sarah ready and will her Mom approve of this new recent development?

Let me hear your thoughts on this one


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