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WHEN GUYS CHEAT…Is it really OK?

WHEN GUYS CHEAT…Is it really OK?

In a world where emotional acceptance and relationship maturity has reached new heights, women are more accepting when their guy cheats. When you watch movies, read stories or hear your friend talk about her lover’s affair with another woman, people normally says, you know how guys are? They’re from mars and naturally polygamous (what a crap of excuse).

Loyalty and honesty has always not been in a guy’s vocabulary as some would claim, but how does women react to this. In recent studies, if a guy cheats, women on average get piss off, throw things, cry a river with their BFF’s and forgive their man in no time. How do women accept this?  Is it really ok just because everybody is saying it is?

Guys cheat for a lot of different reasons even if they know that cheating is wrong in all aspects. Women nowadays tend to be so forgiving which I think gives guys the go-signal that its ok for them to cheat again and again (and again).

Have you ever been a victim of cheater? Have you?...

The real question is, are women more accepting now when their guy cheats? Is it really ok?

 Let me know your thoughts and dare to comment.


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