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Mariah Carey: The New X-Factor Judge

Paula Abdul - OUT?  
Nicole Scherzinger - RESIGNED?
Steve Jones, FIRED?

These are just some of the shocking rumors that have been roaming around the entertainment industry due to high-trending searches in the social media. The shocking news exposed all over was just part of the media-driven shake-up of the not so popular singing competition, “The X-Factor”, recently following a very poor views performance against its giant rival, American Idol.

We all know that when Simon Cowell left American Idol, he has been strategically devicing his plans to outnumber the 15+ Million Viewers of AI and overtop the show in terms of advertising hits. An ambitious undertaking by Mr. Cowell which apparently has not happened for its 1st Season.

It was noted that the revamped of the almost entire judging panel  of “The X-Factor” was spearheaded by Simon Cowell, show producers, and of course the Fox Network. They have tagged Paula Abdul as “ Too Soft”, Nicole as “Impassive”, Steve as ”Too British” – (a little discriminatory, don’t you think?) which in effect put the show at low ratings for its first season.

Now, the real question is who will be the next set of judges?

Simon Cowell has been rumored to be eyeing the all-time favorite DIVA of all decades, “Ms. Mariah Carey” to be one of the judges for the 2nd season of “The X-Factor”. However, it seems that Mr. Cowell needs to put his convincing power to test for Ms. Carey to join the show given the obvious disapproval of his beloved hubby, Mr. Cannon.

Wait and see, as everyone would say, now that the diva has recently given birth to twins and now back at work in recording her new album for 2012. Let’s see if she can fit her schedule in being a “Judge” for the X-factor 2nd Season.

Place your vote guys???

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