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JENNIFER LOPEZ Wardrobe Malfunction?

JENNIFER LOPEZ Wardrobe Malfunction?

JenniferLopez’s heart-stopping Academy Awards Dress was arguably making headlines recently. Lopez who ironically co-presented with Ms. Cameron Diaz the Best Costume Design Award apparently had a wardrobe malfunction (Better watchout Janet Jackson).

JLo’s dress was classically slow-cut (revealing more skin than ever before) which seems to exposed a slight (I mean slight part) of her ………………..(you guess?)

Well, it could just be a reflection or a shadow whatsoever.
***Take a closer look guys at the picture above****
The American Idol Judge’s stylist, firmly believe that there was no wardrobe malfunction which led to a Twitter message, ““@JLo’s dress did give illusion! Jokes on every1 who thought they saw something!”
What do yah think?
Check out her pictures and Dare to comment.



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