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American Idol Season 11 TOP 24 FINALISTS

American Idol Season 11 TOP 24 FINALISTS

After that rigorous and shocking Vegas Night, American Idol was able to trim down the number of finalists to 42. Next challenge will be focused on individual performances where AI Judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson will have the difficult task of reducing the finalist to 24 headcount.

The Top 24 Finalist will feature LIVE individial performances where they will be subject to votes by viewers and fans.

Here's the List of the Top 24 Finalists. 

Do not scroll down if you do not want to know!


Adam Brock – Pittsburgh

Creighton Fraker – Pittsburgh 

Aaron Sanders – Pittsburgh

Eben Franckewitz – Pittsburgh

Heejun Jan – Pittsburgh
Joshua Ledet – Houston

Phillip Phillips – Savannah 

Deandre Brackensick – San Diego 
Reed Grimm – Pittsburgh
Colton Dixon – Savannah
Jeremy Rosado – Savannah

Chase Likens – Pittsburgh 

Top 12 GIRLS
Baylie Brown -  Houston

Chelsea Sorrell – Savannah
Elise Testone – Savannah 
Erika Van Pelt – Pittsburgh

Haley Johnsen – Portland

Hollie Cavanaugh – Houston 

 Hallie Day – Pittsburgh

Jen Hirsh – Houston

Jessica Sanchez – San Diego 

Shannon Magrane – Savannah

Skylar Laine – Houston

Brielle Von Hugel – Savannah

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  1. go jessica sanchez

  2. Yeah...go erika van pelt and jessica sanchez

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