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ADELE’s Sexy Magazine Cover?

ADELE’s Sexy Magazine Cover?

Few months ago, Adele mentioned that she does not want to be thin (just like the rest of the music stars) for the sake of selling more records and attracting more avid fans (Two-thumbs up for that). But now that she’s incessantly been in demand not only on live shows and performances but also on magazine covers...

Will she lose all that baby fats?

Making headlines due to her soulful love-themed hits from her latest best-selling album (21) and her recovery from a vocal cord surgery, Adele certainly knows how to set fire in the music industry. She won six (6) Grammys and recently bagged two (2) top awards from the Brits Awards days ago.

The “Someone Like You” singer is back people!

The Grammy winner will cover the pages of Vogue Magazine on its March 2012 issue. Although, a lot has been speculating what type of treatment the photos will have since almost the entire world knows that Adele is not a size zero and does not sport a slimmer model-like body figure. 

Rumor has it that the pictures are or will be injected with photo tricks (just like any other curvier artists and personalities) to make her look thinner. Let’s just wait and find out.

We love Adele whatever her body type is, it’s all about her music and how she inspires others and not about her body weight. 

She is still beautiful no matter what.

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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” ~Confucius


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